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Ongoing Maintenance & On-Demand Support

WordPress powers about a fourth of the web, and it’s the go-to platform for many businesses. However, an easy-to-control, open-source content management system means that the maintenance and support of your website falls into your own hands, not the developers who understand the platform inside and out.

If you are new to WordPress, or have never built a WordPress website yourself, it’s important to understand that installing too many add-ons, uploading large media files, or manually creating a poor site architecture can reduce site speed and affect user experience. Most users will navigate away from your page if it doesn’t load instantly, especially mobile users who are less patient. which means you must ensure your WordPress site is optimized for performance.

Which is exactly why we offer WP SitePlan, our ongoing WordPress maintenance & on-demand support services. We help you keep your site sleek and supple, so users can engage fully with your content. Each plan includes all of the maintenance & security measures that every WordPress website requires on a real-time, daily, and monthly basis. With higher-level plans, we’ll even help you update content, troubleshoot issues, and optimize for speed. In other words, we will fully-manage your website so you can focus on your business.


Request up to an unlimited number of page copy updates, new post/page/products, small design updates, bug fixes, or expert-level user experience consulting (30 mins per request).

Our Support PRO plan also includes 2 hours of PRO Enhancements so that you can use to make incremental design improvements to your website. With anything from new homepage billboards, graphic updates to a phone consultation with one of our support engineers.


Protecting your website from hackers and monitoring the overall vulnerability of your website is crucial. If you’re not doing it yourself, someone else should. Our team continually stays up-to-date on the latest WordPress security developments and implements them onto your site within all plans.


In the event your website ever crashes, having an updated backup will make life a lot easier and help you get your site up and running quickly. You can choose to have your site backed up weekly, or monthly. It’s a wise plan to backup your site to more than one location.


WordPress regularly releases updates for its core features, plugins, and themes. We’ll ensure all updates are compatible with your existing plugins. We’ll also proactively monitor the functionality of your website and look for updates to fix any glitches.


As you update your website, the database saves small bits of information that can add up quickly and easily bog down performance. Regular tidying up of the database ensures your website runs error-free. We clean out the junk, which speeds up your site.


Are you curious about the success of your marketing campaigns, or simply want to know more details about visitors and traffic? Setting up analytics software provides valuable insight into your marketing efforts.


We receive instant notifications if your site goes down so problems can be fixed quickly.


Your report shows you everything we’ve done to protect and care for your WordPress website. Ask us for an example!

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