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What is the WP SitePlan Affiliate Program?

The WordPress affiliate program was designed to help our partners earn money by advertising WP SitePlan services. When affiliates share their WordPress affiliate links, a 60-day tracking cookie will be applied, and when someone subscribes to WP SitePlan services, they earn referral bonuses.

It’s free to join and easy to use. Share your affiliate link and start earning on every referral. You can also take advantage of WP SitePlan promotions and pass these along to your customers.

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Let Us Take Care of WordPress Maintenance

Our experts will keep your clients’, friends’, or business partners’ WordPress websites updated so you don’t have to worry about hearing about issues. Whether you’re a plugin developer who frequently gets blamed for website issues or a freelancer who doesn’t have time to manage backups, our experts will handle it all.

Allow the experts at WP SitePlan to take the hassle and stress out of securing, maintaining, and managing WordPress websites by becoming an affiliate.

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