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Attention all website design companies and digital marketing agencies! Stop the inundation of WordPress site maintenance and SEO code implementation requests from clients forever! WP SitePlan is here to save your day! (Oh…and it also has a 100% client satisfaction rate.)

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WP SitePlan delivers a one-stop solution for agencies tired of relentless requests from current (or even former) clients demanding basic website and theme updates. In addition to freeing up your time there, your customers’ sites are kept secure with automatic daily backups and proper security patches for updated plugins. We know your hours would be better used on new project work than these routine but essential tasks, so put the burden on us. We’ve got you covered and then some.

If you’re like most of our clients, your digital marketing agency is growing, but not as fast as it could be if it weren’t bogged down by tedious code and content changes to your clients’ WordPress sites. Not to mention, the scope creep fallout from clients continually making demands on your agency. Imagine the growth you could achieve if someone else took that off your plate. With those little time-sucking leeches off your back, you’d be free to grow your client base and showcase the real value of your digital marketing campaigns. 

WP SitePlan got its start several years ago with the sole purpose of helping website design companies and digital marketing agencies scale their profitability. We’re experts at what we do because we only do WordPress maintenance plans, nothing else. We are also one of only a few WordPress maintenance firms that is 100% USA staffed.

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At WP SitePlan, we offer several levels of engagement for our agency partners and include special white-label pricing specifically for design agencies and digital marketing companies. 

If your agency is looking for a WordPress maintenance and ongoing site management partner with a 100% client satisfaction rate, look no further than WP SitePlan. After all, you have a business to run and client requests for knit picky site changes and updates should be at the bottom of your priority list. At WP SitePlan, we put them at the top of ours! 

Did we also mention this is a fantastic opportunity to create residual income for your company without having to do any of the work? The great part is you still get to take all the credit! ;)

* For white label design agency and marketing firm pricing options, please call 866-956-2330 to speak with one of our agency partnership specialists today.

White label WordPress technical support offers numerous benefits for agencies and freelancers alike. Not only does a partnership with WP SitePlan provide your clients with the level of service they need, but it also makes you the expert who is always on top of things. Likewise, if you are looking to add reoccurring revenue to your business, WP SitePlan is a simple and affordable way to do so.

At WP SitePlan, we are looking for long-term partners to provide exceptional WordPress website maintenance services. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is looking to improve security or a freelancer who needs uptime monitoring for a portfolio of clients, our carefully created plans allow you to focus on what you do best.

At WP SitePlan, we’re proud to partner with agencies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers alike. Whether you have multiple clients who need continual support or looking for a long-term partner, WP SitePlan is here to help. You’re ready to join our white label program if:

  • You have multiple website clients who require continual maintenance, support, and security.
  • You are an entrepreneur, agency, freelancer, or business owner who is responsible for managing and updating websites, but do not have the time to do so.
  • You would benefit from having a long-term technical, website partner to provide support.
  • You value clear and direct communication from a support team fully based in the USA.
  • Your team requires continual website monitoring and security maintenance.
  • You want the best WordPress maintenance for your site.

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