Fully-Managed Outsourced WordPress Services

Packages starting at $27/mo

As every agency or freelancer knows, managing WordPress websites requires a great deal of time, technical experience, and constant monitoring to ensure your client’s site is safe, up-to-date, and functioning properly. Likewise, if you are an entrepreneur who is responsible for managing your company’s website, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to make necessary updates to plugins, the website theme, and WordPress, while routinely monitoring your website for malicious activity.

At WP SitePlan, we partner with marketing agencies, freelancers, firms, and business owners, throughout the country to provide an effective and concise white-label solution for maintaining WordPress websites. Our goal is to become your dedicated, behind the scenes technical partner, so you can focus on what you do best at your company.

What’s Included?

More recurring revenue for you!

White label WordPress maintenance is designed to ensure any WordPress website that you manage is fast, secure, and working the way your customers expect. All of our plans are designed to help and support you, which will free up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Unlike other WordPress support services, WP SitePlan ensures your company gets all the credit; because clients receive messages and edits from an email address you create, they never even know we’re involved. The end result is a happier customer base and more business for your company.

The Benefits of White Label WordPress Services

White label WordPress technical support offers numerous benefits for agencies and freelancers alike. Not only does a partnership with WP SitePlan provide your clients with the level of service they need, but it also makes you the expert who is always on top of things. Likewise, if you are looking to add reoccurring revenue to your business, WP SitePlan is a simple and affordable way to do so.

At WP SitePlan, we are looking for long-term partners to provide exceptional Wordpress website maintenance services. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is looking to improve security or a freelancer who needs uptime monitoring for a portfolio of clients, our carefully created plans allow you to focus on what you do best. A few of our plan benefits include:

Site Backups – Having proper website backups in more than one location, is critical for any site. In the event that your website crashes, the support team will have your website back up and running in no time, preventing downtime and poor customer experiences.

Installing Updates – Between plugin and WordPress updates, it can be confusing when to install them and if they are compatible with your existing plugins and theme. We also monitor the functionality of your site and monitor for any glitches.

Database Optimization – Keep your website running as fast as possible by keeping your database clean and organized.

Uptime Monitoring – We continually monitor your website for any issues or glitches. If anything were to occur, our team will receive an alert and will work quickly to resolve it so your site is always up and running.

Tracking – Need help setting up proper tracking through Google Analytics? We can help set up analytics software so you have the data you need for your business.

Who We Help

At WP SitePlan, we’re proud to partner with agencies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers alike. Whether you have multiple clients who need continual support or looking for a long-term partner, WP SitePlan is here to help. You’re ready to join our white label program if:

  • You have multiple website clients who require continual maintenance, support, and security.
  • You are an entrepreneur, agency, freelancer, or business owner who is responsible for managing and updating websites, but do not have the time to do so.
  • You would benefit from having a long-term technical, website partner to provide support.
  • You value clear and direct communication from a support team fully based in the USA.
  • Your team requires continual website monitoring and security maintenance.
  • You want the best WordPress maintenance for your site.

Ready to join? Take the first step by selecting the plan that meets your needs.

Our Process

At WP SitePlan, we like to keep things simple, so you can focus on what you do best.

  1. Sign up online for the support plan that is right for your WordPress website.
  2. Our team will send you a confirmation email with details on next steps.
  3. Sit back and allow us to make any updates you need, while we routinely monitor and update the site as if your team is doing so.
  4. Email us with us with any updates or website changes you or your client may have. We’ll take care of it from here.

Still have questions? Chat with one of our WP Siteplan support experts now!