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Not very many entities can claim the level of technological influence WordPress has. Since its 2001 birth and 2004 expansion to include plug-ins, WP has risen to become the most popular content management system (CMS). While it’s ideal for blogs and static sites, many thought the CMS platform wouldn’t stand up as a powerful enterprise-level base because it’s open source. However, it turns out that the way it was created is the perfect reason it works for enterprise WordPress site development.

1. WordPress Sites Are Inherently Flexible

Agility is the name of the game, especially if you’re looking to implement new marketing campaigns designed to influence customer behavior. WordPress enables enterprise businesses of all sizes to pivot, adapt and expand as needed. They can capitalize on valuable trends, but the most important form of flexibility comes on the back end when creating and implementing responsive and AMP sites.

2. Freedom to Build On-Demand

WordPress ecosystem concept imageWP is more than just an enterprise content management system. It’s an integrated platform that doesn’t leave a business at the mercy of a particular vendor relationship. Because it’s open source, enterprise companies can execute business-driven design and development decisions on-demand in ways that build loyalty and drive growth.

3. WP Accessibility Standards Extends the Business’s Message Reach

WordPress as an enterprise solution, is about reaching everyone, which includes those who rely on assistive technology to navigate sites. That’s why there’s a dedicated guide on accessibility best practices and standards for sites to implement. With these standards in place, businesses ensure their message reaches the widest audience no matter what device they use.

4. Superb Blogging Platform and Best-in-Class Content Editing with Gutenberg

While the classic editor will always be there, Gutenberg is a great way for enterprise content creators to effectively blend design and function. It’s a low-/no-code solution that doesn’t require users to have expertise in HTML and CSS to create complex web content. With drag-and-drop content blocks that can integrate almost any media, businesses can not only maintain the digital experience but elevate it to a level that wins customers over in a matter of seconds. WordPress CMS users can utilize both blocks and custom code to add tailored tweaks that further solidify their message.

5. It Always Maintains Backward Compatibility

Many platforms like to rewrite major parts of their framework, such as their APIs, which can cause older versions to not work with newer versions, leaving entire platforms disjointed. WordPress is currently 99% backward compatible. This means that if a user has a version that’s three or five years compatible, it still works. Also, with the emergence of the WordPress REST API, its CMS solution can act as one. The overall ecosystem is intact and the business’s ability to create timely content is unimpacted.

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6. Enterprise WordPress Cache Optimization

When it comes to maintaining a faster load time or dealing with peak-time traffic lags, many issues are caused by poor caching or way too many WordPress plugins.. WordPress has several levels of cache optimization best practices that will enable your enterprise site to stand firm against these challenges. One particular practice is object caching, which stores query results so they can be quickly pulled from the database when needed in the future. Enterprise-level WordPress is preconfigured with optimization features to support large-scale sites.

7. Reliable Scalability to Handle Sudden Growth

With some platforms, enterprise companies may not have a robust database to handle a sudden growth spurt. This ability to scale is critical to the success of any enterprise WordPress site and boils down to monitoring performance and hosting. Quality code is a solid foundation for any site, and with its built-in customizability, WP has the tools to help sites monitor how their code is performing. Then there’s the hosting architecture that will dictate just how fast the site will be. At WP SitePlan, not only is site performance proactively monitored, but we run daily database optimization to ensure our client sites are error-free and ready for growth. Reliable scalability is all about getting ready for the unknowns.

8. Access to a Limitless Talent Pool of Experts

The WordPress community is continuously growing. From the free and in-depth training to the forums loaded with experts who’ve studied every inch of the platform, admins have access to a limitless talent pool that can help them solve any problem and key them in on some cutting-edge tools and practices. That’s the beauty of building with a free and open-source platform.

9. Enterprise-Level Security Measures

WordPress development concept image with a man holding it on the backgroundMalware and ransomware attacks are rampant. The best way to implement enterprise-level security measures is to keep plug-ins and themes updated against potential exploitation. Another step would be to have a professional review the site to ensure there are no vulnerabilities. In addition to daily scans and complete malware removal, WP SitePlan does daily off-site backups to ensure our clients’ business continuity.

10. WordPress Is Built for Longevity

WordPress is the base for over 40% of all sites and close to two-thirds of all CMS-built sites, so it’s popular and entrenched in the web design landscape. On all levels, it’s built to be edited, and with the increasing number of professionals getting involved with the platform, WP becomes more future-proofed. In fact, it may become as ubiquitous as a browser.

Use WordPress for Enterprise Website Solution

The major takeaway from understanding how to use a WP enterprise website solution for your site is that it’s an easy-to-use, secure tool that enables quick content turnaround. Companies aren’t locked into tough, vendor-specific content management systems where even the smallest change requires a village of support and a mountain of expenses. WP SitePlan provides a solid foundation for enterprises to create and protect their content while satisfying and delighting their customers. Get started with one of our plans today.