Many business owners underestimate the power of online reviews. Digital feedback plays a major role when consumers consider a new business, and some shoppers worry if a company has very few reviews. A whopping 85 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from people they know, and nearly half of consumers won’t visit a business with less than a four-star review rating. That’s why it’s important that you find the best WordPress review plugin available.

Review Style and Layout

When you use a plugin for reviews, you have full control over where customer feedback appears and which type of feedback you share. You can use snippets or full reviews, and you can even include visit photos or reviewer pics.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you choose a review plugin.

  • Do you want to share business reviews or product reviews? You can share general reviews about your business or focus on reviews dedicated to a specific service or product.
  • Do you want to share all reviews or only the positive ones? Negative reviews offer room for growth, but you may not want to highlight them on your website.
  • Do you want static reviews or rotating reviews? You can feature your favorite feedback or rotate between different reviews.
  • Do you want to share existing reviews or encourage users to leave new reviews? You don’t have to choose between the two; you can do both.

After you decide which features your review plugin needs, think about where you want your reviews. Many plugins let you customize your review location. Here are some possible layout options for your reviews:

  • Sidebars
  • Top-page banners
  • Bottom-page banners
  • On an “About Us” page
  • Single pages
  • Specific posts

You can focus on one of the options above or choose multiple spots for your reviews.

Trusted WordPress Review Plugins

There are hundreds of plugins available for WordPress reviews, so it can be difficult to narrow down your search. Here are a few popular plugins that may benefit your site:

Rich Reviews helps improve your SERP rankings, and you may see as much as a 30 percent CTR increase. Good Reviews for WordPress displays existing reviews on your site, but it doesn’t give website visitors the option to leave new reviews. WP Customer Reviews lets you customize your features, so it’s ideal for website owners who are somewhat tech savvy.

So, which plugin is right for you? Choose one that offers all of the features you need, and don’t be afraid to test different plugins before you make your decision.

Additional Benefits of a WordPress Review Plugin

You already know that reviews matter to consumers, but did you know that adding reviews to your website can also improve search engine visibility? Many review plugins offer markup, which improves SEO and helps Google identify relevant reviews. Google also likes fresh content, and you’ll have plenty of that if you choose a plugin that lets visitors leave reviews on your website.

Don’t make potential customers scour the Web for reviews about your business or brand. Make the information easily accessible by installing a WordPress review plugin!

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