WP SitePlan can keep your wordpress website safe from attacks

WP SitePlan monitoring services can keep your wordpress website safe from attacksWordPress now powers an estimated 30 percent of all websites, according to a 2018 survey by W3Techs.  While WordPress is a great tool for beginner webmasters or business owners to create an easily managed website, it also means that it is a popular target for hackers. There are many reasons WordPress websites are an easy target for attacks, including vulnerabilities within themes, plugins, and hosting providers. While most successful hacks result from WordPress plugins or themes, the rest results in insufficient password protection, making it easy for a hacker to implement brute force attacks. However, no one has 24-hours a day to constantly check their website and monitor server uptime, which is why we offer uptime monitoring service from WP SitePlan.

What Is Website Uptime Monitoring?

Uptime monitoring is a service that proactively monitors your website server to ensure the site is live. Think of it as the alert security system for your website. If our monitoring system notices that your website is down, our team is instantaneously notified through push notifications or SMS alerts, giving our team a chance to resolve the problem before it becomes serious.

While most hosting service providers offer some form of uptime and downtime monitoring, most lack the necessary means to respond to threats or have proper backups in place to restore your site quickly. This means that your website is at risk of being down for significant periods of time, leading to poor customer experience and affecting your bottom line.

real user monitoring and cron job monitoring concept image with security padlock illustration

Why Is Uptime Monitoring Important?

A majority of site managers rely on their hosting companies to notify a webmaster if the site is down. However, there are many misconceptions about the level and quality of service you receive. If you look into it more, most hosting companies provide light security and usually don’t monitor uptime 24/7. While this is helpful, they do not have the proper systems in place to quickly and efficiently notify you, leaving it up to you or worse, your customers to point out that your website is down. 

The purpose of monitoring your website’s uptime is to have the first line of defense and provide you with the knowledge to quickly restore your site. Uptime monitoring allows you and our experts to be the front lines of defense to get your site back up so that you do not lose business.

24/7 Security Monitoring Service You Can Rely On

website performance monitoring and uptime robot concept imageWhile your hosting company is your first layer of defense, it cannot catch everything or fully protect your site. Website monitoring is like the alarm system for your website that is always armed, providing you peace of mind knowing your website is continually supervised for any suspicious activity. Think of it as your dedicated 24/7 online security guard that you can trust. 

Select Your Plan to Get Started with Uptime Monitoring

Protect your WordPress website with uptime monitoring from WP SitePlan today. We offer a number of support and maintenance plans including multiple site management to meet your diverse needs. For help choosing the best one for your business, call today or contact us online for assistance.