Enterprise-level businesses need a website content management system (CMS) that’s reliable, secure and scalable. Though there are several options on the market, WordPress offers impressive functionality; build and maintain it correctly and you can have something that works for your business and your clients.

Prepare for Big Possibilities

Bloomberg Professional. Sony Music. The Walt Disney Company. Mercedes-Benz. These are just a few of the huge companies that use WordPress. While an endorsement from one enterprise-level company isn’t the only thing to consider, the backing of so many respected and successful entities suggests that open-source CMS can still provide the stability and security those huge companies demand.

As brands scale, they face an increasing need for localization — think microsites and multilingual content for starters. WordPress may have gotten its start as a blogging platform, but today it’s a multitasking behemoth, supporting everything from mobile app creation to e-commerce. Choosing WordPress helps to future-proof your site, ensuring you can expand to match your vision and not be held back by the limitations of your CMS.

Protect Your Site’s Performance

Serving a large customer base means dealing with tons of site traffic. To remain user-friendly, enterprise sites need to load quickly, remain accessible and help the user get where he or she wants to go. Broken pages and slow load speeds are potentially devastating stumbles. Amazon calculated that if its page load times rose by just a single second, the company could lose a staggering $1.6 billion in annual sales. Time is literally money, and investing in expert site creation, a dependable CMS and regular audits protects your investment and your bottom line.

Get Serious About Security and Maintenance

Site breaches are big news these days, with several enterprise businesses catching flack for exposing customer information to hackers. A site with lackluster security is unlikely to inspire trust; Facebook shares dipped 3 percent after the platform was hacked, and 85 percent of consumers surveyed won’t buy from businesses with lax security practices.

Luckily, WordPress builds security right into its software and pushes frequent updates and patches. Still, cybercrime is real and ever-evolving, and it’s imperative to regularly scrutinize your site and identify vulnerabilities.

Using a Partner to Maximize WordPress Potential

C-level executives at enterprise-level businesses know specialization is important. The bigger the company, the more crucial it is that you hire the right people for each key task. Bring on a partner like WordPress SitePlan that excels in the construction of high-functioning WordPress sites and you’re investing in a web presence that’s built for growth. As your business thrives, we continually support and empower your team to surge ahead rather than being held back.

WordPress powers nearly one-third of the top 10 million websites currently in operation. Are you ready to join the fold? Partner with WP SitePlan and discover what you can do with the right support and expertise in your corner. Contact our knowledgeable team at WP SitePlan today!